Yes, winter comes and goes every year. And when it comes, is the season of fun and joy in the snow, the season of speed on the ski slopes. It is also the season of quiet nature, a time of reflections. When the mountains are covered in snow you can hear the sound of silence. If you want to hear the sound of silence and explore the vast and wild mountains covered in snow, we have a lot of offers for you. Whether it is ski-touring, ice-climbing or alpinism what attracts you during winter time, come and enjoy them all in the beautiful Carpathian mountains.



  • Adequate winter equipment for the chosen activity

Optional (and sometimes very necessary)

Can I rent? Of course! If you’re missing some gear or simply you can’t bring it with you on the trip, tell us in advance so we can arrange it for you.

Technical info

One or multiple days tours. For ski-touring we can sleep in a chalet or mountain refuge and explore the mountains and valleys around. For ice-climbing we can sleep in a chalet or mountain refuge and ice-climb frozen water-falls around and combine it with alpinism. For alpinism we can offer one or more days tours with sleeping in mountain refuges or chalets


  • Ciucas mountain
  • Bucegi mountain
  • Piatra Craiului mountain
  • Iezer-Păpușa mountain
  • Grohotis mountain
  • Fagaras mountain.