Cristina Cucu

Hi! I am Cristina and I am a full-time authorized mountain guide and tour guide in Romania.

When I was younger, I studied French and German Philology. I consider myself a good communicator, and I quickly realized that languages are a means of exchanging ideas and knowledge with people visiting Romania.

I love my country so that’s why I invested time and energy in learning climbing techniques, art, history and geography. Ever since I was little, I would interact with foreign visitors in my hometown or just friends who came from other places, and I took a lot of pleasure in showing them around and telling them stories and legends about the region.

Later on, I understood I had to put all these passions into practice. I felt like building something more valuable. So I completed two courses – one for a tour guide and another one for a mountain guide (no. 5900). Furthermore, I am a member of the Romanian Alpine Club and I own a First-Aid certificate, thus offering both safety and security to the group that I accompany.

I have always believed that travelling around the world helps you understand life and people better and become more empathetic. During my studies and previous work, I had a lot of contact with foreigners. And now, whenever I accompany them to visit my country, it fills me up with joy to see how much they enjoy it; and the fact that they discover us from a new perspective!

Romania is beautiful in many ways, and I am not saying you should visit it just because it’s my country; I strongly believe that whatever your interests and curiosities are, – mountains, birds, waters, fish, wine, monasteries, villages off the beaten track, old craft – you will find it here. I can’t wait to meet you and show you all that!

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