We welcome and challenge you to really wear out your boots, work your body and satisfy your senses.

Hiking in the carpathian mountains can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. There are a lot of marked trails and a lot more of wild and unmarked trails that you can explore. Vast areas of beautiful and wild forests await you to explore them, hear and see their story. And above the forest level you will find extended alpine plains with breath-taking views and challenging routes to explore. And everything around bursts with wild-life and beautiful flora to be admired.

We will proudly, happy and safe guide you through this natural wonder that are the carpathian mountains.



 –Summer: 3 season boots, proper clothes(preferably technical outdoor clothes), rain clothes, warm clothes, for more than 1 day trips- changing clothes, technical backpack 70-80L, for more than 1 day trips- enough food for your needs(high calories food), water, primus, sunglasses, sun cream, hat, walking poles, external bateries, front-light, for more than 1 day trips- tent, sleeping bag, matress.

Winter: winter boots, proper warm clothes(preferably technical outdoor winter clothes), 3 layer clothes, windstopper, 2-3 pairs of gloves, ice-axe, ice crampons, changing clothes, hand and feet warmers, walking poles, for more than 1 day trips- special tent, bivouac bag, sleeping bag, matress, primus, thermos, 70-80L backpack, food(high calories food), water, sunglasses, sun cream, front-light with batteries, external batteries, harness.

Optional (and sometimes very necessary)

 – Summer: photo camera, binoculars, other objects you might need but remember that you will carry them on your shoulders.

Winter: photo  camera, binoculars.

Can I rent? Of course! If you’re missing some gear or simply you can’t bring it with you on the trip, tell us in advance so we can arrange it for you.

Technical info

Long and medium-hard trekking combined with hiking. One, two or even multiple days of sustained hiking depending on the routes with sleeping in chalets, mountain refuges or tents.


  • Rodnei mountains
  • Calimani mountains
  • Ceahlău mountains
  • Ciucas mountains
  • Bucegi mountains
  • Piatra Craiului mountains
  • Iezer-Păpușa mountains
  • Făgăraș mountains
  • Parang mountains
  • Retezat mountains.


In winter depending on the weather and snow condition