Welcome to Romania! Land of the free, home of the brave! Nah, just kidding! Or maybe we are just as free as everybody else on this planet and blessed to live on this very beautiful part of it called Romania. Romania is a country situated in eastern Europe. Due to it’s geographical position, Romania benefits of all what nature has more beautiful to offer. The Carpathian mountain range crosses the country from north to west forming an arch. The Danube river crosses the south of the country and forms the amazing Danube Delta before flowing into the Black Sea. A wide range of rivers cross the country before flowing into the Danube River. The Făgăraș massif is the highest in the country, also known as the Carpathian Alps. And the most beautiful road in the world, The Transfăgărășan is crossing them from north to south. Huge forests still cover a lot of territory and they are home to Europe’s most diverse wildlife. Beautiful cities invite you to discover their history, their beautiful museums and their vibrant night life. Bucharest, the capital of Romania is a very beautiful city that will surprise you at every step. The rural Romania is where you can find peace and a timeless world. In the remote villages of Romania, the ancient traditions ar still kept and carried on. Rural Romania is where the soul of the country lives. Romania is composed of 9 historical regions, each with it’s uniqueness and charm.

You may have heard some things about Romania, good things or maybe not so good ones. Or maybe you haven’t. Either way, Romania is much much more than what you have or have not heard about it.

More than your senses, Romania will surprise your soul. You will feel more connected to nature, to wildlife, to ancestors, to life!

Surprise your soul and senses and visit the beautiful and wild Romania!