Romania has a vast network of rivers and streams that flow through the mountains and hills forming numerous valleys, gorges, canyons and caves. While some valleys are sometimes dry, there are a lot of gorges and canyons where the water flows in beautiful cascades. We invite you with great joy and enthusiasm to discover and explore these gorges and canyons that are full of astoundingly beautiful rock formation, flora and fauna. If you feel like getting your boots wet and have a natural cold shower in the hotness of summer, join us in this adrenaline adventure.



  • Changing clothes
  • swim-suit
  • 20-30L waterproof back-pack
  • snacks, water
  • harness and helmet.
  • We will provide the rest of the equipment, ropes, neoprene costumes and other necessary items for your complete safety and fun.

Optional (and sometimes very necessary)

Can I rent? Of course! If you’re missing some gear or simply you can’t bring it with you on the trip, tell us in advance so we can arrange it for you.

Technical info

For canyoning, climbing and rappelling techniques are required, but the difficulty of the routes is easy to medium. An average tour lasts for 4-6 hours.


  • To be published


depending on the weather conditions