Bring your climbing gear and come to explore your vertical limits on the walls in the Carpathian mountains. There are many spots for climbing, each with its unique features and a variety of options for sport-climbing,trad-climbing and Via-Feratta. In Romania limestone is omnipresent, and it forms astoundingly beautiful gorges with high walls to climb and explore. A particular spot for climbing and a very challenging one is in Bucegi mountains, The Costila-Galbinele wall, a 542m vertical wall of conglomerate. Bring your gear, your courage, your joy and come to conquer and master your senses and mind, climbing on the beautiful and challenging walls of the Carpathian mountains.



Optional (and sometimes very necessary)

Can I rent? Of course! If you’re missing some gear or simply you can’t bring it with you on the trip, tell us in advance so we can arrange it for you.

Technical info

The sport-climbing routes are given grades according to the french system, and trad-climbing and multi-pitch routes are graded according to the romanian system


  •  Rodnei mountains
  • Pietrele Doamnei(Rarau mountains)
  • Bicaz Gorges
  • Bucegi mountains
  • Râșnoavei Gorges
  • Zarnesti Gorges
  • Fagaras mountains
  • Băile Herculane
  • Apuseni mountains
  • Turda Gorges.

There are also a lot of beautiful climbing spots in northern Bulgaria, close to the border and Bucharest.


Depending on the climbing spot